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When the faucet drips, when the pipe leaks, when the toilet stops flushing — that's the time to pick up the phone and give your neighborhood plumber a call. But what if you don't know who to call? Well, we can help you with the answer to that question.

Local plumber gets the job doneThis page showcases some of the top Pittsburgh plumbing companies. Rest assured, you can rely on their judgment, professionalism and affordability to get your problem fixed right.

Each Pittsburgh plumber on our list works to provide customer satisfaction to their residential and corporate customers with every service call they make. They can repair or install toilets, perform septic system camera diagnostics, or repair burst water lines. They have the experience and knowledge required for any job, from the smallest fixture replacement to a complete bathroom remodeling job.

And you'll be relieved to know that after your fixtures have been replaced, after your drain is cleared and after your leak has been fixed, these Allegheny County crews will make sure that their job area is as clean as it was before they got there.

Mitchell Plumbing, Heating and Cooling handles almost any project from small to large scale. They have experience in performing home repairs and new installations. They can do any plumbing work needed for Pennsylvania homeowners or business owners.

South Side Plumbing & Heating Co. has been serving the South Side of Pittsburgh and it's surrounding areas for over 50 years with quality workmanship at affordable rates.

Kaule Plumbing & Heating is dedicated to serving the local plumbing needs, whether they are small residential jobs or larger commercial projects, of the greater Pittsburgh PA and Allegheny County area.

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Pittsburgh plumber where you can find a professional plumbing company in Allegheny County.
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Local plumber has the skills, qualifications and resources to perform all of your necessary repairs or wanted bathroom or kitchen improvements.
Pittsburgh emergency plumber where one can get info about commercial licensed existing repair and new installation work contracted through this particular experienced enterprise working hard to earn your trust in the Pennsylvania area.
Pittsburgh PA company can find and fix your drips, leaks and clogs. They can also install new fixtures, appliances and pipes.
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Local roofers here in western Pennsylvania handle all the tough roofing projects.
Hard water can really affect pipes, appliances and fixtures in a bad way. But hard water is also easy to fix. A whole house water softener can treat your home's water supply and make it softer and easier to work with. A good water softening system isn't cheap, it will cost about as much as one of your other appliances.

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